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Gail Voisin Executive Coachingail is a World Class Executive Coach who has a leading edge on the competition because she understands what determines "worth" and "value" in today's culture. The combination of her skill set is both unique and scarce.

She's an expert in three areas: Vision, Leadership and Wellness. She works with senior management to integrate and link these three areas with their Strategic Business Plans to measure and report on Return on Investment (ROI).

Gail's clients are testimony that true extraordinary success for executives comes from mastering the areas of Vision, Leadership and Wellness. Gail led the way in breaking new ground in the early eighties by introducing and linking key aspects of stress management and fitness to productivity and profit - at a time when it was not at all recognized or considered mainstream. She was one of the first Corporate Organization Development Specialists in Canada to design and incorporate health and wellness into core management/leadership development programs. It's been the fundamental bedrock of her coaching and consulting work.

Gail is one of the top Executive Coaches in Canada and one of North America's most trusted advisors. Her clients are primarily Corporate Executives and High Potential Candidates in Fortune 500 and 1000 organizations. Committed to exceptionally high standards of excellence, she's greatly respected for her honest and candid feedback to clients and known for "calling it like it is!" She builds exceptionally strong professional relationships with clients, key business contacts and associates, and collaborates with world experts.

Gail has the honour and privilege to consistently work personally and intensively with some of the most brilliant and successful executives in Corporate America, developing invaluable exposure in keeping abreast of what's most important in today's business world. And Leadership Development Coaching is her passion! For her, it's like playing in the sandbox of life!

When consulting in Data Driven Succession Planning, Gail says, "The process doesn't have to be as complex as most executives imagine it to be." Her strategy is to simplify the Succession Planning process by integrating it into the organization's Performance Review Process and other day-to-day activities. "With today's technology, most products are competitive. It's the 'human assets' of the organization that make up the true leading edge of competition in the marketplace," says Gail.

Similar to her perspective in coaching the "whole person", Gail facilitates a Strategic Business Plan with a "whole-system" approach - a method which embraces and aligns the entire system of a company's activities. She also ensures that the strategy can be easily understood by the next level of managers to create a high level of engagement to implement the plan. Gail has a reputation for delivering a high level of effectiveness. Moreover, she delivers that same quality within much shorter timelines than most.